Lyrics and music: Roger Coghill (Concert F major)

Intro  (A Capella)

Daffodil springs are wonderful things

Warm summers are a breeze

Winter’s a school for learning to be cool

But Autumn always brings me to my  knees.


Autumn’s here again;  Puddles in the lane

Muddying my pain. Bad weather.

My lad and I would run, Two as we were one

Laughing in the sun, together.


One September day, my wife took him away

Nothing I could say, Or do.


All who love must part, with an empty heart

Making a fresh start, For ever.

My abdicating spouse took away my house

And left me like a louse, Unseated.

Thoughts were all I had; Never saw my lad

And he forgot his dad. Deleted.

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