Lyrics:  Roger Coghill

I knew a girl; she was kinda crazy

But she lived on the other side of town.

Hey she said mister, don’t you kiss my sister

Or I’ll really take you down.

But when I saw her sister, just couldn’t resist her

Looking like an angel in white

She was sweet as candy, made me feel so dandy

Every time she turned out the light.

I was all for certain through with all my flirting

Making plans to make her my wife

Then one Sunday morning, without any warning

In came her sister with a knife.

Well I told you fella, you had better tell her

This is the last day of your life.

And before I knew it, she took the knife and threw it

Deep into the bed where we lay.

It missed me. I’m still breathing

But one sister’s grieving

And the other one wont ever

Ever see the light of day.

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