Lyrics: Roger Coghill

Dear Sir, Regarding our client  

We confirm that the Court has agreed

That the service of papers upon you

Is  approved so divorce can proceed.

Whilst writing we ask that your presence

At the grave of your son be more spare

And at  times when my client is absent:

She has no wish to meet with you there.

We understand that you visit the graveside

On a regular basis alone,

And appreciate your very kind offer

To donate for the grave and its stone.

My client would welcome your input

Of the text you would jointly supply

And looks forward to sight of suggestions

And receipt of your words in reply.

In closing we ask that you forward

Details of your present abode

Since the caravan site where you’re staying

Is not blessed with a proper postcode.

We will now seek our client’s instructions

On the days she would wish to attend

At the grave of her son now departed

And thus bring this case to an end.

We remain yours respectfully, Davies

Meredith, Llewellyn, and Moore

Conveyances, Testaments, Probates

Specialising in Family Law.

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