Music and lyrics Roger Coghill

He said:

Hey let’s get a bite to eat, Joe

Know a place just down the street, Joe

We’ll get a decent plate of meat, Joe

Before you go away.

I’m going to miss you, yes I am,

But what an offer from that Englishman

And London gives you what no other can

Compared to this today.


Yes he looked oh so neat

As we walked down the street

Him so young, me so lean

From all the extra years I’d seen.

Though It’s many years now

I remember still how

I never once saw

What Fate had in store.

He said:

I know I really ought to come with you

But my Vienna fits me like a shoe

Though I know London’s got so much to do

You’d never turn away.

He said:

Excuse me for this sad admission, Joe

I have a nagging premonition, Joe

We’ll never meet again suspicion, Joe

So let’s enjoy today.


I thought that in his prophesy

He didn’t mean himself, but me

I often wonder how he knew

His time to leave this earth was due

That’s what he said and I remember

He looked so sad that cold November

I never thought that next December

Wolfgang would pass away.

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