Words and music, Roger Coghill


They told me it would never

Be the same again.

They told me after pleasure

There would be pain.

I thought it would be worth it,

That I could stand the strain.

I know that I will never

Fall in love again.

Verse 1:

In Marmaris the river flows so gently to the sea

The fishermen cast out their lines, to catch a fish for me.

The sun beats down, but breezes cool the sky so blue above.

And there it was in Marmaris where I first fell in love.

Verse 2:

The river sparkled in the sun and flowed so sweetly by

When I first caught a glimpse of you as your boat went sailing by.

So quick it came, so instantly, caught by love's fatal flaw,

Hooked by the beauty of your smile, and netted on the shore.

Verse 3:

All summer long we lay beside the river's quiet stream,

Enjoyed the sunshine of a love too deep to be a dream.

But autumn came, and all too soon cold winds began to blow

Cooling the passion of our hearts amid the winter snow.

Verse 4:

So long ago. My mind returns to walk that river's shore,

And in my fond imaginings, I see you there once more.

The dream has gone, but memories still cause my tears to start

The joys pass on with the river's flow, but the pain stays in my heart.

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