Lyrics by Roger Coghill


When men invented plastics

A hundred years ago,

They little saw its consequence

And little did they know,

They would unloose its widespread use,

And how much it would grow.

V erse1:

From Bakelite and PVC

To nylon and styrene,

New strains of plastic multiplied,

A virus on the scene.

The benefits were clear to see;

The downside risks were not.

The things it made just don’t degrade

It simply doesn’t rot.


Now water rains upon the land

And causes streams to be.

The streams turn into rivers

And flow gently to the sea.

Rivers transport the plastic

Detritus of our lives

From cities, towns and villages

To oceans it arrives.

Chorus (to the hymn There is a green hill far away)

There is an island far away

Where no one spends their cash

Entirely placed from plastic waste,

The Island of our Trash.


What’s this I hear? What’s this you say?

An island in the sea

Entirely made from plastic junk,

Mankind’s cast-off debris!?

This island’s huge. Its plastic waste

A hundred miles across!

Look what we’ve done! Our wasteful fun

Has fathered Nature’s loss.

Even Fats Waller would sit down and holler

That cotton’s monotonous gear

How nylons should bloom

In every dame’s room

And plastic is what they should wear.

That event never made it,

And Fats has degraded

And gone to that gig in the sky

But here back on Earth

Plastic floats in the surf,

And floats in Sargosso piled high.

I will take things in hand. Revolution I’ve planned

And I’ll make myself king of the place.

And I’ll live in style on this vast plastic Isle

As the President of the disgrace.

Its toxic bacteria

Will make me superior,

Defending me well from all foes.

I will feed bugs on plastic, a weapon so drastic

That those who attack decompose.

Bottle caps my fish eat; polystyrene’s a treat

In my empire of junk in the sea.

And I’ll live all the while on my synthetic isle,

The Lord of Trash Island I’ll be.

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