Words and music, Roger Coghill

(Set in the London Zoo at Regents Park: Pamela showing her daughter the snake pit)

Snakes are not the deadliest of worms.

At least a cobra warns you of its bite.

But a faithless man destroys you out of sight,

And in the darkness you won’t hear his squirms.

Before an elephant decides to charge

His giant footsteps stamp and shake the ground,

But a man betrays your trust without a sound,

And hides away his sins with camouflage.


Never let unfaithful schemes

Break your heart and spoil your dreams.

Put on your armour from the start,

Lovers have a wand’ring heart.

Life is a zoo too full of dangerous beasts

Life is an orchestra whose song’s unsung

Life is a banquet spiced with poisoned feasts

Life is a pestilence inside your lung.

So, little girl, put on your strongest armour

And know that Cupid’s arrow can’t get through.

Ward off the deadly weapons of each charmer

And surely life will always smile on you.

Chorus 2:

Love is a virus  in the brain

Love is a cocktail mixed with pain

Love that tears your limbs apart.

Lovers have a wand’ring heart.

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