Lyrics by Roger Coghill

She’s gone now. My day has turned to night.

She’s gone now.  And vanished from my sight.

Her plane has left the runway far behind.

Her goodbye words are fading from my mind.

I guess we’re both, in our own different ways,

Returning to ordinary.

I’m back now. My room is just the same.

I’m back now. Watching a TV game.

The slow-worm sun still crawls across the day

And warms that corner where we used to lay.

I guess we’re both, in our own chosen ways,

Returning to ordinary.

Our dream is dying. Passion fades away.

Our dream is dying. Into common day.

Suburban streets lie filled with rain and ice.

Bright flowers have all turned grey in paradise.

I guess we’re both, in our own separate ways,

Returning to ordinary.

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