Music and lyrics by Roger Coghill

Look, there’s clutter in the gutter, Rotting garbage in the street

And Wittengenstein’s gone in decline, Can’t find a word to speak.

Drink a bevy in your Chevvy, And then wind the window low

Toss the can out on the sidewalk Where the cleaner people go.


For I’m a litterbugger, jitterbugger, shitterbugger

And I make the world real fine.

You’d better seek environmental Asylum from my curse

Of plastic bags and cast-off rags, Unwanted cans, and worse.

Let us stroll the plastic hedgerows, Where the cigarette butts grow,

And Kentucky fries offend your eyes Along Tobacco Road.

For I’m a litterbugger, etc.

One day when I’ve done fouling The roads from Troon to Rye,

I know St Pete on his heavenly seat Will punish me for my

Perverse excruciating Bad habits, that’s for sure,  

And I’ll be a wreck, upto the neck In garbage ever more.

For I’m a litterbugger, etc.

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