Lyrics by Roger Coghill

Under the tree the presents lay

For him to find on Xmas day,

The latest toy for my young boy

Among the piled array.

He opened all, but at first sight

A colouring book was his delight,

He seized a pen and there and then

Filled colours on the white.

“Why paint the grass all yellow there?”

The grass has gone, the soil is bare.

“Why draw the people lying down?”

The soldiers left them on the ground.

“Why do you paint the rain all red?”

It's blood from all the people dead.

“But why are all the airplanes brown?”

They are the missiles raining down.

“And why you leave the last page free?”

This is the future waiting me.

I still need black and still need blue

To finish off this book for you

Under the tree the wrappings lay

From presents of that Christmas day.

They brought such fun to my young sone

Before he went away.

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