Lyrics by Roger Coghill. Music by Trifleky, 2005

I am the signal, I am the Sound

You cannot see me but I’m all around.

For I’m your mobile, and you look flash.

I come from nowhere to take all your cash.

I cause you cancer, I burn your brain.

Over the airwaves, your pain’s my gain.

I am the latest, I’m not the least.

After my signal you’ll need a priest.


They want diamonds and pearls,

All that’s wrong with this world,

Don’t you feed the swine pearl

They killed that little girl.

Beyond the mountains, across the valleys

Upto the rainbows down in the alleys

To all the people, I carry words

They’re mostly trivial: words for the birds.

I message blind men, to the rejected,

I text the winners, and the elected,

My lethal ringtones fly from the masts;

Don’t care they’re killing your lymphoblasts.


Live your life, live your life

Live your life, live your life

Live your life in this world

Live your life in this world.

You’re losing your memory, and can’t get to sleep

You suffer from migraines, and collapse in a heap

Leukaemia’s rising disease walks the streets,

But they will all sayit’s down to the heat.

The scientist’s muzzled and Parliament’s mute

Hear only denials from men in grey suits.

My airways can carry the clearest if diction

I bring addiction, I cause affliction.


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