BOODALES (End of Term)

Lyrics by Roger Coghill


Caloo Calay, It’s holiday

We’re off to make our getaway.


Come on pater, where’s your motor?

Don your jacket and straw boater

Have the chauffeur bring the Rolls,

Come and rescue us poor souls.


First back to our stately home,

Then to Paris, then to Rome

St Tropez’s in easy reach,

Lying naked on the beach.


Caloo, Calay, It’s holiday!

We’re off to make our getaway.

Carpe Diem, snatch the day,

Goodbye, Boodales, come what may!


Our school porter, he is no fool

He knows the words to Roedean School (up school, up school, up school)

Goodbye Charlotte, goodbye Eve

Giss a kiss before you leave.


Summer is a cumin in;

We’re ready for a little sin.

Goodbye English, goodbye French

Goodbye Latin, - what a wrench!



You can skip the light fandango

Here comes daddy in his Lambo

Only know the hols are starting

When I see pa’s Aston Martin.


Goodbye girlies have some fun

Lazing in the summer sun.

There’ll be stories to remember

When we see you in September.

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