We all love Basher Barwood

Despite his wicked sins

Though mighty fears assail your ears

When he bangs upon his skins.

Shut the duck up” calls Stephen

In proper Jenkins style:

To take in hand the Workshop band

It needs this subtle guile.

Braving the road from Cardiff

Comes Andrew every week

To TJS at Panteg House

With sax most symphonique.

While at the Bush the Baldy Man

And Adrian the Bold

Though very loud, regale the crowd,

With songs both new and old.

The Valleys loved our music:

It echoed round the hills

Our jazz and blues  could rock the pews

And shake the daffodils.

The Valleys loved our music

And we’ll remember them

When we do that gig at the Paradise Club

By way of Croesy* Crem.


Lyrics by Roger Coghill

Before the Romans came to Gwent

Or out to Caerleon**  strode

Our rolling Welsh musicians

Made the rolling Valleys road.

First Ceri with his trumpet

Sounding in perfect pitch

He’d been well blessed by Reverend James

When they found him in the ditch.

Our local vocal talent

Bluesy Susie was her name.

Her highest C could rattle the tea

And break a window pane.

Now Susie has a husband

Of academic fame

Who taught guitar: lads would go far

If Craig was in the frame.

Dear Dave Hobbs’s  favourite hobby

Was mending old guitars

And those he made were often played

By stars in bars on Mars.

You should have seen Dave Lewis

Performing on his harp…

His drums, his gueetars and his songs

Were never flat, just sharp.

When Dave falls foul of liquor

Or Felinfoel beer

He’ll often try a Ginster’s Pie

To stop him feeling queer.


 * pronounced “Crossy”

 ** pronounced “Cleeun”

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