Lyrics by Roger Coghill


I had forgotten what it’s like

I didn’t think that I could be,

In this October of my life

So much in love, so suddenly.

Waiting for texts and messages,

Sad and yet happy all at once,

I need a witch’s magic spell

To set me free from this romance.


She’s twenty five, and every waking moment

I think of her.  It’s torturing my mind.

I see her face in every flower that’s growing

I hear her laughter in each gentle wind.

It shouldn’t be like this. It’s quite unfair

To open up emotion’s heavy box

And let the  wild, wild bird of love fly free

When age and years have sealed it with stout locks.

The world will whisper “He’s too old for her”

And  pain will pile on pain, and tears will start.

The world will whisper “She’s too young for him”,

And fear of losing her will freeze my heart.

Wise poets and philosophers all say

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast”

But the eternal autumn of my years

Should long have laid such passions to their rest.

The world should know that love’s an untamed bird,

That love can fly from tree to tree to tree.

In saplings and stout oaktrees can love nest.

So turn again cruel world, and let us be.

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