Lyrics: Roger Coghill

Why, why butterfly

Can you find your mate among the rye?

Explain to me honey bee

Your trackdown dance of mystery.

Glow glow, firefly, show

Your lovelights when the moon is low.

Click click that rhetoric

And dolphin schools soon learn the trick.

Through the bricks and through the mortar

Through the air and through the water

Armies of electrons flow

With messages that come and go.

All your body has to say

Is broadcast from your DNA

Messages that bring love’s news

To all sialic residues.

But scientists recoil in fear,

Funding agents will not hear

Showing fierce antipathy

At mention of telepathy.

And yet we all have known events

When we felt some distant sense;

When we felt a loved one’s pain

From far away, within our brain.

Sure, messages are carried far

By electrons from each star:

These small specks can sure converse

Right across the Universe.

So in every cell that you possess

You’ll feel the warmth of my caress.

You’ll learn my message from above

And feel my electronic love.

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