Music:  Ludwig van Beethoven (arr.), Lyrics: Roger Coghill

(D minor Concert)

Well I remember

Those glorious summer days

June to September

And sunsets all ablazing.

We were so young then

With all our lives ahead

Green fields and forests

Inviting and amazing.

Life is so short

And the road will bend

Use every day

From start until the ending.

Slowly so slowly

The summers turn to fall

Rain turns to snowflakes

As winter comes a-calling.

Echoes of laughter

Our friends would always leave,

Borne on the breezes

Now all they leave is grieving.

For Eb instruments (B minor):

F# - D – A – F# - D

A – D – F# - A – F# - G

G – E – A – F# - D

F# - E – B – C# - A – A – D.

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