THE FACEBOOK SONG (Music and Lyrics, Roger Coghill)

OK! So I’ve joined Facebook!

And Twitter and the rest

I hoped to find some peace of mind

But it’s proving quite a test.

It’s all those curious acronyms,

You see them everywhere.

What do they mean? I‘ve almost been

Driven to despair.

In almost every sentence

L.O.L. crops up. What’s that?

Lost Over London? Look Out Lou?

Loo’s Out of Lavvyroll, perhaps?

Aw, here’s another: TMI.

It seems to come along

When FB pals say something wrong

And get this stern reply.

Tell Me In private, does it mean?

No, no, that can’t be right.

It echoes round and round my brain

In the middle of the night.

Another that I often see

Whenever there’s a joke.

L.M.A.O. Well, no sane bloke,

Would know what that might be.

Large Meals Are Off, perhaps?

It really is a tease.

Let’s Move All Out? Could someone shout

The answer to me please.

Here comes another: O.M.G.

On My Grandmother’s Grave?

Or p’raps One Mighty Gentleman?

Another mystery!

F.O.A.D. Oh that’s the end!

I f you can’t work out why.

I’m pulling out of Facebook,

Well,  just Feck Off And Die!

I’m fed up with these acronyms

I want a simpler way.

Let’s just use those that we all knows,

OK?    OK, OK!

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