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Lyrics: Roger Coghill, ( 10 February 2015



Once we lived the life of little rich girls

Sheltered from the pains of normal life.

Our expensive private school seemed really, really cool,

Total freedom from worry and strife.

Since holding down jobs was not for us nobs,

And our daddies owned all of the works, but….


Now we’re out on the town, and our hair has come down,

While the atmosphere round us has changed.

We can try smoking pot, and get drunk quite a lot

Without anyone to complain.

Up West or down East, London’s just one big feast

And the whole of the city is ours

To roam day and night, to do wrong or right,

Without disciplinary powers.

With a smile on our faces we get to know places

That no decent girl would explore

The pubs in Mile End, habitually tend

To make Kensington High Street a bore.

We’re getting a feel for a life that is real,

And on which we had formerly frowned.

It’s still quite a cuss, but we travel by bus,

Or squeeze on the trains underground.

We can rent a small flat, keep a dog or a cat,

And hang out our knickers to dry

On the balcony wall, but that is not all,

We can stay out, and no one asks why.

It’s a whole London scene from Islington Green

To Ravenscourt Park in the West.

Don’t care where we’ve bin, or the shade of our skin,

We’re  Londoners now; we’re the best!

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