Music and lyrics by Roger Coghill

Frank the barman wears a bowler

Serving gin and coca cola

He’s the one that owns a roller,

Clubbing the night away.

Dance around your handbag, Laura,

Though the fellows might ignore her

Underneath they all adore her.

Clubbing the night away.


On, two and then a boom

Gliding round the room,

Bodies in the gloom

Touch, but don’t presume.

Cafe des Artistes is jumping

At 100 Club the drummer’s thumping

Ronnie Scotts is really something

Clubbing the night away.

Grab a girl and do the mambo

Hope she’s never heard of Rambo

Do the twist, forget the Tango

Clubbing the night away.

When the dawn comes up like thunder

And there’s nothing left to plunder

Wishing you were six foot under

Clubbinng the night away.

Tea parties belong to vicars,

How on earth did those girls pick us?

Wonder where I got these knickers,

Clubbing the night away.

Oh my head, thank God it’s Sunday!

Swear I’ll give it all up one day,

But I Just can’t wait ‘til Monday

Clubbing the nght away.

There’s a nightclub they call Heaven

Doesn’t open ‘til eleven.

What goes on there would be telling

[Then all Hell breaks loose ‘til seven]

Clubbing the night away.

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