Lyrics by Roger Coghill

Verse: (sung to the tune of the Prelude and Fugue in C major)

Turns a man to drink, I tell you.

Suffering in clink, I tell you.

It’s a sorry tale, I know that

Languishing in gaol, I show that.

What did I do wrong?, I ask you

Just composed a song, I ask you.

Surely I can say, don’t tell me,

How I spend my day? Don’t tell me.

Chorus: (second theme from Sheep May Safely Graze, )

When I get free, I know I’ll find another patron.

I’ll settle down, Far from this town

When I get free, I know I’ll find another master,

And he’ll be kind, so I can play the songs I want to

Johan Sebastian Bach will be known around,

And all across the world, the folk will sing my songs.


Need another boss, Decided.

My gain is his loss, Decided.

What’s it all about, for Pete’s sake

I don’t give a toss, for Pete’s sake

Anna Magdalena, Help me

I can’t make it plainer, help me!

Help me with your best endeavour,

And I’ll cherish you for ever.


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