RESET (Words and music by Roger Coghill)


The Internet is wonderful: it does so many things.

From telling what the weather’s like, to news of happenings.

Get health advice for little price, send greetings to a friend,

Learn copious facts, return your tax, -it helps your life no end.

But there’s a snag to drive you mad

And it’s easy to fall in the trap.

To surf the Net’s sea, you need an ID

And a password to access the app.

So I dutifully type into Facebook or Skype

The password I’ve stored in my brain.

But the screen tells me No! “Incorrect password” Joe.

“Do you want to retry? Try again!”

Well, three times I tried, but the app’s still denied,

A new task I must now undertake.

It’s a little absurd, but a different word,

“Reset Password”s the course I must take.

“Too few characters, Joe” try again to create.

“No, you can’t use the one from before”.

Hey wake from your slumber, “It must have a number”

And a capital letter what’s more.

My memory’s hazy. This is driving me crazy!

My fingers are getting quite sore.

The bill’s getting large. The phone needs to charge.

Don’t think I can stand any more.

Right, try a new road. “We will text you a code”.

So just enter it when it appears.

Headache’s coming on strong, and I put it in wrong.

Now my eyelids are brimming with tears.

Enough of this crap! My mind seems to snap.

With a frustrated scream and a roar,

Egged on by the tone of my blasted cellphone,

I hurl it in rage to the floor.

On its screen into view comes a message that’s new:

“Your month’s billing is ready to count.

This text is for free. Just enter ID.

And your password, to see the amount”.

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