Lyrics by Roger Coghill

Hooray, hooray, the Motorway!

Just feel the engine’s power.

Got out of town,

The foot’s flat down

It doesn’t take a minute

To a hundred miles an hour

Now where’s that racer? Just ahead.

I hear his gearbox wail

And now at last

I’m gaining fast

I’m getting nearer, nearer

And close behind his tail.

What chance Ferrari Dino

When a Porsche’s in the race?

Just hear the squeals

Of smoking wheels

Flying along in the fast lane

And thrilling in the chase.

We’re passing Windsor Castle

Slough and Eton left behind

Even that cop

Can’t make us stop

We’ve got the bit between the teeth

And winning’s in our mind.

Just checking in the mirror,

Oh no, the bastard’s passed

On the inside lane,

Must be insane,

And he is foolish to believe

I’ll ever be outclassed.

I knew he’d make some big mistake

He’s stuck behind a lorry

He can’t ignore

My Porsche’s roar

As I leave him far behind me there

Cant’ really say I’m sorry!

Somehow just then he’s here again

And we’re going hell for leather

Just round the bend

Is the race’s end

At the coffee bar in Terminal 2

And we’re reaching it together.

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