Lyrics by Roger Coghill

We zeros got no money;

ain’t got no fancy pants.

We can’t persuade pa with his motor car

To pay for our insurance.

We write job applications to gain career advance

But all the degrees on our Cvs

Still don’t give us a chance.

 To get a degree it used to be free, and paid for by the nation.

Now zeros moan with a student loan

And have to repay ’til our dying day

The cost of education.

We are the student army, but we ain’t got no war

No house, no job, no things to rob:

You bet we’re feeling sore.

It could be so different.

We know a better plan,

But the government is all hell-bent

To rule Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is far away, a barren mountain land.

Its tribal folk don’t see the joke

That Bilderberg has planned.

Go buy your bullets, bombs and drones Forget your children here.

Let our resentment build and build, and one day you will fear

The angry student army, still looking for their due

You’ll have a war, and maybe more, For we’ll be bombing you.

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