I am an awful saxophone player. I am almost absolute rubbish. Not surprising really, because I only started playing a musical instrument when I was in my sixties. – many decades too late! But I came to music with fresh eyes, I guess. And that’s why I have developed this course in live looping.

Some have said I sing better than I play. But, since sax players, unlike pianists, guitarists or stringed instrument players generally, cannot sing and play at the same time, I clearly had a problem. Then I discovered live looping and started to learn about a way horn and reed players CAN sing and play at the same time. A way which creates even better music than before.

At the same time, as I began to learn about pro-am music performing, I saw the discomforts suffered by musicians for the sake of their art. Typically a group of musicians would form a band, spend quite some time working up aet, and then seek gigs, in competition with other local players. They would need a place to practice, a car or van to get around, and often used costly instruments, amps, and heavy address systems, not to mention fancy lighting, because venues rarely provide these.

By the time the band members got back home from a gig, the few hundred quid earned by the band, less the cost of fuel, when shared out between its members, hardly made the effort worthwhile. It seemed to me they were doing it more for hope and glory than enterprise. But with live looping I could see that one musician could deliver a performance similar to that of a band or small orchestra, without having to share the rewards. Bands are also notoriously ephemeral, always splitting up and re-forming, I noticed. A problem not encountered with live looping. What’s more, the public loved live looping, and marvelled at this way of music-making.

Let’s take some examples from Youtube to support my argument. With the exception of Ed Sheeran, Dub FX, and Beardyman, you have probably never heard of these live looping musicians.  See the table on the page two for a surprise!

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