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Ten Live Looping Artists               Song                    Youtube views

                                                                               (at December 2016)

Ed Sheeran                                   Give me Love             404,016,179

Beardyman                                    Preamble                      6,208,499

TuneYards                                     Bizness                        4,753,899

Bernhoft                                       C’mon Talk                    4,592,323

Mister Tim                                    On kazoo                       3,638,340

Dub FX                                        So Are You                     1,707,653

Reggie Watts                                                                    1,655,034

Roz Firth                                      Happy (cover)                1,571,580

Theresa Andersson                        Na Na Na                       1,544,336

Andrew Bird                                 Pulasky at Night              1,425,046

Clearly these live looping artists have massive web followings without having to do tours or hum their gear round the locality. When did you last do a gig in front of a million people!?

And honestly, some of the performances were obviously recorded within their own homes, as evidenced by the hall staircases, kitchen appliances, and domestic furniture in the background! Probably most were filmed on smartphones or domestic camcorders too.

This new development in music persuaded me to learn about live looping and pass on my discoveries to other musicians, hopefully thereby bringing satisfaction to the artists and pleasure to their far enlarged audiences. Hence Bampi Bill’s Live Looping Course. There’s lots to learn!

At the end of the course, at no extra cost, I will also show you how to get a million media views for your performances.

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